Conquest of Constantinople


For centuries the capital of the great Byzantine Empire resisted attacks from its external enemies. Its walls had remained impregnable for a thousand years. In 1453, a young sultan inspired by the words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), led a formidable force to the gates of Constantinople. Sultan Mehmet and his Ottoman army aspired to be the ones to liberate the city in the name of Islam.

Would he be the one to succeed where generations failed before him?


  1. What is Islamic Legacy?
  2. Introduction
  3. Brief History of Constantinople
  4. Fortress Constantinople
  5. First Muslim Attacks
  6. A Young Sultan is Born
  7. Opposing Forces
  8. The Conquest Begins
  9. Early Setbacks
  10. Inspiration from Allah
  11. The Final Assault
  12. Conclusions
  13. What Islamic Legacy?

The Conquest of Constantinople

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