The Mongol Scourge

The Crusades II - Mongol Scourge


The unanticipated assault of the Mongol Tatars on the Islamic Empire has been and will always be one of the worst and the most bloody of its kind ever to effect the Muslim Ummah in its history. The way Allah spared the religion of Islam through this extremely difficult time is incredible and nothing short of divine. It is truly a time in Islamic History every Muslim should know about and no Muslim should ever forget ...


Disc 1 - Mongol Fury Unleashed

  • Prelude
  • The Seventh Crusade
  • The Slave Kings of Egypt
  • Evil Stirs in the Steppes
  • Humiliation
  • The Christian-Mongol Alliance
  • The Mongol Ultimatum

Disc 2 - Twin Fires Extinguished

  • Ain Jalut
  • The Revenge of Baybars
  • Mongol Conversion to Islam
  • End of the Frankish Occupation
  • Conclusion

Disc 3 - Warriors of the Pen: Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah & Al-Izz Ibn Abdis Salam

  • Prelude
  • Exodus
  • Taking to the Battlefield
  • Intellectual Inferno
  • Final Days
  • Al Izz Ibn Abdis Salam

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