The Lost Kingdom of Al-Andalus


The much awaited audio narration of glorious history of Islam in modern day Spain and Portugal is due to be released in October insha'Allah. Like all our previous productions, this epic tale has been professionally scripted and narrated.

"In the forgotten realms of Europe, during its darkest hour, a light arose.  As time went on, this light shone brighter than ever, attracting, mesmerizing and inspiring all those who encountered it.  However it was taken for granted until it began to fade, until after 8 centuries it was no more. This luminosity was Al-Andalus, a land of the Muslims which sparkled and shimmered is a way the Europe had never perceived before and perhaps will never experience ever again.

Al-Andalus followed the same cycle as other great Empires did and was subjected to the very same laws, that brought nations honour and ignominy.  It wasn’t it enemies that defeated it, but its own wrists that it slit, first one then the other.

As the candle made it’s last flicker against the gust of wind which would the colossus from the West, the Muslim world was now in decline.  The cycle of Empires was running its course.

A treasure chest of knowledge and lessons was left behind.  Forgotten men are now breathing, forgotten feats are now being re-enacted, forgotten lands are now being rediscovered. Buried deep within the soils and hearts, this great episode in of Islamic history is now slowly being unearthed."

“Have you not seen those who came before you.  Verily the way of Allah will not change or alter” (35:44)

Islamic Legacy presents, ‘Al-Andalus - The Forgotten Realm’.  Rediscovering eight centuries of Islamic rule in Spain and Portugal over two captivating nights telling a story few have heard, in a way few have experienced..... by the will of Allah.


Part 1 - Birth

  • The Falcon has landed

Part 2 - Golden Years

  • Behold Al Andalus!
  • An Insatiable Hunger for Knowledge

Part 3 - Struggle

  • Decadence and Division
  • Mu’tamid’s Dilemma
  • Veiled Warriors from the Desert
  • Granada - The last bastion

Part 4 - Death

  • Last Sigh of the Moor
  • Plight of the Moriscos

Part 5 - Rebirth

  • Renacimiento - The Revival


Images of Al-Andalus: